Healthcare IT & Genomics

Extensive coverage and detailed analysis of healthcare IT and genomics markets. Coverage includes clinical content management IT, imaging IT, archiving & management, digital pathology, advanced visualisation, clinical trials/drug discovery and oncology informatics & diagnostics


Oncology Informatics & Genomics - World - 2020

This is a proposal for Signify Research’s 2020 report on the global market for oncology informatics & genomics to be published in January 2021.

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AI in Drug Development & Clinical Trials - World - 2020

This is a proposal for Signify Research’s 2020 report on the global market for AI in drug development & clinical trials to be published in September 2020.

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Radiation Dose Management - World - 2020

This is a proposal for a new Market Report on the global market for Radiation Dose Management, to be published in June 2020.

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Teleradiology - World - 2020

A new report from Signify Research examining both the teleradiology reading service market and the associate IT market. Includes forecasts for total scan volumes by geography and teleradiology’s penetration into these.

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Imaging IT – Market Intelligence Service - 2019/2020

This Market Intelligence Service is an annual subscription that provides ongoing data, insights and analysis on the global opportunities for Imaging IT.

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Imaging IT: Operational & Workflow Tools - World - 2019

With focus on business optimisation rising, orchestration /analytics products are entering the market. Are these tools generating new revenue or are they becoming expected components of enterprise imaging?

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Analyst Insights

Mednax to Sell its Radiology and Teleradiology Business: The Signify View

16th June 2020 – Earlier this month saw Mednax announce significant plans to transform its business, including selling its Radiology Solutions business. Here’s our take.

COVID 19: World Healthcare Technology Market Impact Analysis

12th June 2020 – Download our analysis of COVID-19’s impact on healthcare technology markets.

COVID-19 Impact on the Healthcare Technology market: Pointers from Q1 Financials

12th May 2020 – 1Q20 Investor data from GE Health, Siemens Healthineers, Canon Medical and Philips gives an initial glimpse into COVID-19’s impact on healthcare technology. Here’s our take.

AI Accelerating COVID-19 Drug Discovery

31st March 2020 – As the world is facing a new challenge in trying to both adapt to and defend itself against the coronavirus, artificial intelligence is offering new hope that a cure might be developed faster than ever before.

The Many Faces of AI in Clinical Trials

27th February 2020 – AI is being applied in several aspects for the clinical trial process today. In this article, we will present some of the technologies using AI and machine learning in the clinical trial space and take a closer look at the clinical trial ecosystem.