Navigating the Inevitable – A Roadmap to Enterprise Imaging in the Cloud

Published: May 19, 2022

Cloud technology is transforming how we live and work today. For healthcare providers undergoing long-term digitalization, the potential of cloud technology resonates, yet the complexities of adoption are daunting and difficult to navigate.

Nowhere is this more evident in healthcare than imaging informatics. A front-runner of healthcare digital innovation, the imaging sector has a complex legacy of on-premise, siloed, best -of-breed applications that interact and influence every point of the care continuum.

Many providers have taken the positive step of embarking on an enterprise imaging strategy, federating imaging service line applications, centralizing data management and transforming access for diagnosticians, care givers and patients. Progress on this mission has been challenging however, in part due to an over-reliance on aging on-premise applications and limited availability of alternatives.

Today, a new generation of cloud-based enterprise imaging solutions is emerging, offering a tangible route to cloud.

In this paper, we’ll identify the key characteristics of this new generation of cloud-based products and outline the key drivers and barriers to their adoption. Further, we’ll describe the long-term transformative power that cloud offers for enterprise imaging and the future of healthcare provision, providing our view on the key considerations for providers navigating cloud adoption for enterprise imaging.

This paper was produced in partnership with Change Healthcare; to download the full version, access here.