Ultrasound Equipment – World – 2023

Published 01/08/2023

This is the sixth edition of this report, which is trusted by 9 of the top 10 global ultrasound vendors. 

This report will:
• Help you with your strategic decision making.
• Assess key market trends and identify the key growth opportunities.
• Allow you to assess your biggest competitors' performance.
• Discuss how artificial intelligence and teleultrasound could impact your business.
• Understand the market impact of the economy/inflation changes.

Report presenting market dynamics, estimates, forecasts, competitive analysis and major drivers for the ultrasound equipment market. The market is segmented by region, covering 30 countries/regions, product type, including carts (premium, high-end, mid-range and low-end), compact (premium, mid-range and low-end) and handheld systems, and clinical application, where the market is segmented into the five main clinical applications; radiology, cardiology, women’s health, point of care and speciality markets, with these markets sub-segmented into 24 clinical applications overall.