Laboratory Information Systems – World – 2022

Published 31/05/2022

This is the first iteration of our Market Report on the global market for Laboratory Information Systems for diagnostic settings, published in May 2022. 

This report will allow you to determine:

  • What are the main factors affecting LIS market growth, revealing how best to strategically position your business to take advantage of those trends. Understand how LIS purchasing is changing in order to identify options for growth. 
    • Is the competitive make-up of the LIS market changing and which vendor types/partnerships will be successful?
  • How Will LIS Data be Utilised in the Future in Real-World Data projects? 
    • How will the growth and development of AI unfold? 
  • What influence is digital pathology adoption having on the LIS market? 
  • How does LIS IT maturity compare to other Diagnostic ‘ology’s?

This is Signify Research’s market report on the diagnostic Laboratory Information Systems Market. Questions explored include:

  • How quickly is the convergence of EMR/LIS systems is occurring in different markets?
  • What is driving LIS adoption in each market?
  • How are LIS systems being implemented and scaled?
  • How does the LIS interact with digital pathology/genomics software?
  • How will EHR vendors impact the market versus BOB implementations?
  • What impact has COVID had on laboratory digitisation?

This report will enable users to evaluate and quantify the market for diagnostic laboratory information systems, enabling users to inform product development strategies and measure the transition between Best-of-Breed and EHR LIS software.