Medical Flat Panel Detectors – World – 2023

Publication Date: 17/02/2023

The 2nd edition of the Medical Flat Panel Detector Supply report. This edition evaluates key trends impacting the market over the next five years, including global, regional, barriers, technical trends and the emerging competitor landscape.

The report helps X-ray supply ecosystem partners to:
•    Plan your growth strategy and identify which medical FPD product categories and geographies offer the greatest opportunities.
•    Assess pricing trends by panel type, product sector and geography to support future price benchmarking and price strategy.
•    Discover which new technologies, such as photon counting and flexible detectors, are gaining traction and which vendors are most successful in each product segment.
•    Analyse the performance of leading FPD suppliers for by clinical application.
•    Ask questions or support executive education to your stakeholders with expert X-ray intelligence analyst team, tailored to your specific strategic need.