This is Signify Research’s 2021 report on Breast Imaging – World – 2021, published in October 2021.

Breast Imaging for cancer remains one of the most significant issues affecting women’s health globally.

This report considers the evolution of Breast Imaging across the continuum of care in both mature and emerging regions as programmes begin to personalise. As the adoption of 3D tomosynthesis continues, an increasing awareness of breast density effects are leading towards the increased integration of ABUS, ultrasound and MRI. The report also explores how AI solutions are being applied across different breast imaging modalities to support radiologists’ diagnosis of breast cancer, and considers their role in facilitating personalised screening programmes.


  • Dedicated chapters for each of the breast imaging modalities and software markets
  • Analysis of the product mix, regional variations, competitive landscape and vendor market shares
  • Breakdown of the trends driving growth
  • Strong focus on meaningful and useable data, accompanied by actionable Analyst insights

Report Content

Report Features:


  • Quantify the interplay between mammography, ultrasound and MRI in breast imaging
  • Understand how the product mix varies by country and how this will change over time
  • Review the market drivers and barriers for each modality and software category


  • Market share estimates for the leading vendors
  • International, regional and SME vendor product portfolio analysis
  • Identify potential partners and acquisition targets


  • Analysis of each country by technology
  • Review of factors affecting uptake of new technologies
  • Identification of emerging technology trends in the market


  • Review and plan go-to-market strategies using reliable data
  • Analysis and insights to support your strategy  planning
  • Product pricing and software delivery strategies


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