This is Signify Research’s 2021 report on General Radiography & Fluoroscopy – World – 2021, published in June 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented surge in demand for mobile radiography systems in 2020. As a result, the widespread benefits of this technology were heavily endorsed, and the heightened awareness around the benefits of mobile DR systems is forecast to secure long term growth. Due to the limited availability of supply of mobile DR systems during the peak of the pandemic, demand for analogue mobile systems and mobile retrofit kits was also bolstered.

The market for fixed digital radiography has seen strong recovery in 2021, however vendors with a diverse portfolio across the pricing segments will benefit the most in growth markets where healthcare budgets are restricted. The high-end and premium fixed DR markets are expected to see a steady recovery, with more investment in floor mounted systems in 2021.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the fluoroscopy market was reaching saturation, as the volume of clinical procedures using this modality is decreasing globally. The United States market is gradually converting from classical bed side fluoroscopy to remove systems, however, this has been slower than anticipated.

Report Content


  • Identify market opportunity and product mix by customer segment
  • Observation on the drivers behind market growth or contraction
  • Analysis of sales channel by country


  • Market share estimates for the leading vendors of systems and FPDs
  • Market share estimates by product and region
  • Detailed product matrix for major vendor portfolios


  • Analysis of the product mix by technology and system value for each country
  • Impact of system features on product demand
  • Identify trends in product development


  • Analysis and insights to support your strategy planning
  • Our opinion on the future direction of the market
  • Direct access to the Analyst for an expert opinion
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