Real-World Data is defined as: healthcare information derived from multiple sources outside of a randomised clinical trial, including Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), imaging data, lab and other diagnostic/clinical data, claims and billing data, product and disease registries, and data gathered by personal devices and health applications.

The existing market for use of claims and other non-clinical data sources is already substantial and well-established. However, as healthcare continues to strive towards personalised medicine the use of clinically collected information sources will become increasingly integral to Real-World Data strategies. Signify Research’s study will examine how the use of this clinically-derived data will emerge and evolve in the near future, exploring some of the most pressing topics left in the market today. This study will ultimately examine the opportunity for Healthtech providers in developing a ‘data unification platform’ tailored to Life Science and other interested parties.

The research will evaluate topics in the market such as:

  • The role healthcare technology vendors should play in this market – i.e Technology platform/Data broker/Data service provider
  • How Real-World Data can be commercialised most effectively
  • The types of customers which are expected to emerge over the near and longer term
  • What types of Real-World Data and ancillary services are going to be most valuable
  • How the competitive environment is expected to evolve in the short and midterm
  • Which markets are expected to become more proactive in facilitating access to real-world data
  • Market metrics in terms of revenues are presented with base years 2020 and 2021 and forecast to 2027

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