Enterprise Imaging: What is the Market Opportunity Beyond Radiology?

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Amy Thompson
Published: October 17, 2023 In The News

17th October 2023 – Written by Amy Thompson – Featured on hitconsultant.net

The concept of an enterprise imaging strategy was coined over a decade ago, however, it’s only in recent years that the expansion beyond “enterprise radiology‚” has truly begun. The total market for IT across those nine specialties included in Signify Research’s report reached $6.6 billion in 2022; however, only 20% of market revenue was associated with enterprise deals. When digging deeper into which specialties led the enterprise trend, radiology represented 71% of the total enterprise imaging IT market.

As demonstrated in the graph below, radiology and cardiology are expected to continue dominating the market opportunities for enterprise imaging, representing 79% of enterprise revenue in 2027. Pathology, oncology, and ultrasound IT are the next largest enterprise imaging markets, forecast to represent 18% of the enterprise market opportunity in 2027.