This Market Intelligence Service provides regular data, insights and analysis on the global market opportunity for Electronic Medical Records.

The deliverables included in the 2021 subscription are:

  • Electronic Medical Records – Country Market Reports – Two Country Reports per Month
  • Global Market dataset – Updated Monthly
  • EMR – EMEA – 2021 – August 2021
  • EMR – Americas – 2021 – October 2022
  • EMR – Asia – 2022 – February 2022
  • Electronic Medical Records – Global Market Report – October 2021
  • Global Vendor Market Share Report – August 2021

Report Deliverable Overview:

1. Electronic Medical Records – Country Market Report – Country specific review of EMR market.
Key Coverage:

  • Government Funding and National eHealth Initiatives
  • Market sizing and 5-year forecasts by product and vertical
  • Vendor market share
  • Review of EMR functionality for integrated care, departmental speciality, telehealth and wellness.
  • Review EMR procurement by individual hospital, provider network, cluster/regional or nationwide basis.
  • Impact of COVID-19.

2. Global Market dataset – Each month, an update of the Global Excel file with all market sizing, forecasts and vendors shares will be delivered to reflect changes to market conditions, and new data in updated country, interim and core reports.

3. Electronic Medical Records Regional Market Reports (EMEA August 2021, Americas October 2021, Asia February 2022)
Key Issues Covered:

  • Regional performance for EHR market revenues by product and vertical with 5-year forecasts
  • Macro Healthcare Trends
  • Country comparisons
  • Vendor market share

4. Electronic Medical Records – Global Market Report (October 2021)
Key Issues Covered:

  • Global trends and analysis
  • Market development by product, vertical, and region
  • Key market drivers and barriers impacting global market

5. Global Vendor Market Share Report (August 2021)
Key Issues Covered:

  • Key Trends in the Competitive Landscape
  • Global Vendor market share at a country, region and vertical level
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Market Metrics Provided over Service Reports

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