The Signify Research Hospital IT Portfolio includes 12-months’ coverage of our EHR Market Intelligence Service, augmented by five global reports providing additional detail and insights on Imaging IT, Integrated Care, Laboratory Information Systems, Oncology IT and High Acuity IT to provide an in depth and holistic market view. A subscriber will receive a total of 8 reports on a global and regional level, alongside 20 EHR market country specific reports.

This portfolio therefore allows subscribers to understand the market dynamics for these market segments and the interplay between specialist vendors as well as solutions as part of an EMR system. The below diagram illustrates the portfolio coverage and the market segments and vendor types tracked in each of the portfolio reports and services.

Hospital IT Portfolio – Scope

Report Publication Schedule

EHR Market Intelligence Service – World – 2022

Ongoing Service: Reports Delivered throughout the year from June 2022 to May 2023

  •  Ongoing data, insights and analysis on the development of Electronic Medical Records market at a Global, Regional and Country level
  •  A total of 25 market reports delivered over a 12-month period. Each providing detailed analysis of the market in question.
  •  Regular updates of key market metrics including:
    – Government Funding and National eHealth Initiatives
    – Market sizing and 5-year forecasts by product and vertical
    – Vendor market share
    – EMR functionality for integrated care, departmental speciality, telehealth and wellness
    – EMR procurement at an individual hospital, provider network, cluster/regional or nationwide basis
    – Impact of COVID-19

Imaging IT – World – 2022

Published May 2022

  •  How have the individual products of Radiology IT (PACS, RIS, EI), Cardiology IT (CVPACS, CVIS, CV-EI), VNA, Image Exchange, Universal Viewing, Advanced Visualisation and Operational Workflow and Business Intelligence Tools been developing?
  • Which Imaging IT products are driving markets growths and new revenue opportunities?
  • To what extent has public cloud adoption started to penetrate imaging IT markets and what impact is cloud having on competitor dynamics?
  • How is AI and radiology operational workflows expected to reshape sales channels and go-to-market strategies?
  • Which Imaging IT markets are highest risk and most likely to be impacted by macroeconomic factors?

Integrated Care and Value-Based Care IT – World – 2022

Publishing August 2022

  •  To what extent is the integrated care agenda driving demand for PHM products globally and which countries are most advanced?
  • How is the US PHM competitive environment evolving? Is it EHR vendors, payer-owned vendors or PHM specialists that are having the greatest success in terms of value-based care IT business?
  • How is the competitive environment evolving internationally and are EHR or best-of-breed vendors winning contracts?
  • What will a PHM solution look like in three years’ time? Will product development focus on data aggregation, longitudinal records, financial tools, risk stratification, care management/coordination or patient relationship management?

Laboratory Information Systems – World – 2022

Published May 2022

Review of the clinical laboratory information systems market in terms of revenues and outlook over the next five years covering the following areas:

  • Analysis of the product mix for BOB versus EHR-Modular software in each region
  • Markets segmented by business model, architecture, and customer types
  • Discussion of the impact of digital pathology on laboratory information systems
  • Vendor shares for 2020 and 2021 to show competitive dynamics
  • Market shares presented by region, by product and by clinical application
  • Detailed product matrix showing participating and non-participating vendors

Oncology IT – World – 2021

Published May 2021

Review of oncology informatics in terms of revenues and outlook over the next five years covering the following areas:

  • How does the market break out in terms of oncology information systems, oncology platforms, ML/analytics and radiation therapy software?
  • How far have tumour board solutions currently integrated into clinical practice?
  • How much is ML/analytics currently being used in clinical practice? How is this expected to grow over the next five years?
  • How is the market split between software and professional services?
  • What are the main drivers behind each market segment?
  • Who are the leading vendors and what is needed to stay competitive?

High Acuity and Perinatal IT – World – 2021

Published April 2021

  • How do the High Acuity clinical IT products vary by region?
  • How competitive is the market, who are the leading vendors and how are market shares shifting?
  • What are the key trends driving growth?
  • Which architectures are being used to support High Acuity and Perinatal IT software platforms?
  • What influence are EMR/EHR vendors having on the international market?
  • What are the innovative solutions entering the clinical information systems market, including analytics and artificial intelligence solutions?
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