This Market Intelligence Service is an annual subscription that provides ongoing data, insights and analysis on the global opportunity for Imaging IT.

The four deliverables included in the 2019/2020 subscription are:

  • Imaging IT – Core Report – World 2020 – March 2021
  • Imaging IT – COVID-19 Scenarios – February 2021
  • Imaging IT – RSNA Post Show – December 2020
  • Imaging IT – Cloud Adoption and Business Model Evolution in Imaging IT – Topical Report – March 2021

Report Deliverable Overview:

1. Imaging IT – World – Core Report – March 2021
World market analysis including: Radiology IT (PACS, RIS, EI), Cardiology IT (CVPACS, CVIS, CV-EI), VNA, IE, Advanced Visualisation and Universal Viewing.
Full data analysis in 25 country markets. Includes risk and variance analysis.

2. Imaging IT – World – COVID Scenarios – February 2021

3. Imaging IT – RSNA Post Show – December 2020
Post show analysis of new product releases, analysis of vendor strategy, market impact and broader market context

4. Imaging IT – Clould and Business Models – Topical Report – March 2021
Cloud Adoption and Business Model Evolution in Imaging IT – initial coverage to include: cloud adoption trends and strategies, vendor strategy analysis, impact of transition to managed services and operational business models in imaging IT.


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