This is a proposal for a new Market Report on the global market for Teleradiology, to be published in March 2020. Advance Purchasers get the following benefits:

  • 20% discount on the price
  • Customise the scope of the research to meet your needs
  • Direct access to the lead analysts

Key Issues to be Addressed:

  • How large is the global teleradiology market in terms of revenue and how long will this change over the next five years?
  • How does the market break out in terms of IT (hardware and platforms) versus services?
  • How is the services market split between IT/ implementation and reading/reporting services?
  • Which clinical applications are driving the teleradiology market?
  • What share of the IT market do specialist teleradiology IT providers have versus traditional imaging IT vendors?
  • Who are the leading IT vendors? Who are the leading reading/reporting service providers?
  • Which verticals are driving adoption (radiology groups, imaging centres, hospitals, mobile medical imaging)?

Report Content

This is the preliminary research scope. The below outlines market splits that are being considered for inclusion in the scope.Telerad

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