This is a brochure for Signify Research’s updated report on the global market for Teleradiology, published in October 2022.

Key issues addressed:

  • How large is the global teleradiology market in terms of revenue and how will this change over the next five years?
  • How does the market break out in terms of IT versus services?
  • How is the services market split between IT/implementation and reading/reporting
  • To what extent are teleradiology reading service providers and IT vendors adopting AI?
    Who are the leading IT vendors?
  • Who are the leading reading/reporting service providers?
  • Which verticals are driving adoption (radiology groups, imaging centres, hospitals)?
  • What are the volumes of diagnostic imaging reads by country/region and what is the
    penetration of teleradiology?
  • What has been the impact of COVID on diagnostic imaging volumes and the teleradiology market?

Report Content:

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