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Signify Premium Insight: Varex Banking on the Micro-X-Factor

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20th October 2022 – Varex has signaled its support for cold-cathode X-ray technology by entering into a licensing agreement with Micro-X. It shows the vendor’s willingness to adopt new technology, but, will the move give Varex an advantage over its competitors?

Ultrasound – It’s Coming Home…But When?

20th October 2022 – The pace of innovation continues to be strong in the ultrasound market, in particular product development has been centered around performing ultrasound examinations outside of traditional settings.

Signify Premium Insight: Reimbursement Raises Prospects for Cardiac Plaque AI

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19th October 2022 – Cleery has recently joined the group of AI vendors whose solutions qualify for reimbursement. In doing so AI progresses towards overcoming one of its biggest barriers; demonstrating a clear return on investment.

Signify Premium Insight: SOC Telemed Joins Telehealth Top Table

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18th October 2022 – Last month, US telehealth vendor SOC Telemed acquired virtual behavioural health firm Forefront Telecare. In this insight we discuss this recent acquisition and what it means for the market.

Outpatient Imaging and Teleradiology Changing the Market Dynamic in the US

17th October 2022 – The US healthcare market is witnessing a dynamic shift in how and where patients want to receive care, with a greater utilisation of outpatient imaging and teleradiology services. In this insight, Signify Research Analysts’ evaluate what these market changes mean for vendors and the opportunities it creates.