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Signify Premium Insight: Nanox Investing; Another Extreme Sport

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May 10th 2023 – Nanox has finally received FDA approval for its multi-source scanner, marking a significant achievement for the young vendor. The company can now turn its attention to the challenges ahead; of which there are no shortage.

SPI Digital Health: Contexture HIE Upgrades a Sign of Things to Come

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10 May 2023 – Contexture’s plan to upgrade health information exchanges (HIEs) in Colorado and Arizona is another step in a long-overdue revamp of HIE infrastructure across the US. But will upgrades finally address key issues like interoperability?

Signify Premium Insight: iCAD’s Woes Require More Being Done with Less

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May 9th 2023 – iCAD has recently endured a difficult spell with poor financial results and staff lay-offs. The vendor is looking to rectify the situation with a new CEO. But, is a new leader enough to turn things around?

SPI Digital Health: Philips Virtual Care Management: More Than a Remote Chance of Success

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5th May 2023 – Philips’ Virtual Care Management platform has the ingredients to disrupt the chronic care management and ‘hospital-to-home’ market, but the company must find ways to scale that other vendors have, to date, found elusive.

Signify Premium Insight: Butterfly Network’s Problem with Popularity

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May 3rd 2023 – Butterfly Network’s annual results were disappointing, with growth far harder to come by than the vendor had hoped. The company has sought to remedy the situation, and hired a new CEO to lead the charge, but, has the high-profile handheld vendor left it too late?