“The global pandemic has highlighted many inefficiencies in healthcare provision, resulting in a significant review of healthcare systems including patient monitoring facilities. This resurgence in the market is expected to switch up demand for solutions with a greater focus on patient data. On one hand, higher acuity facilities will focus on providing the highest level of care driving demand for solutions with the greatest level of functionality, enabling clinical decision support to enhance patient care provision. On the other hand, as care transitions to lower acuity settings there is an increase in the demand for digital monitoring solutions that ensure patient data is captured and appropriate care is also provided.”

Kelly Patrick – Report Author


  • A fresh deep-dive analysis of the patient monitor market from an analyst team with extensive industry experience.
  • Dedicated chapters for each of the major products, with analysis of the sub-regional and country variations, competitive landscape, vendor market shares and the trends driving/inhibiting growth.
  • Strong focus on meaningful and useable data, accompanied by actionable analyst insights.
  • Assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on product demand and competitive environment.
  • Analysis of the innovative solutions entering the market.

Report Contents

Report Overview


  • Review of the market drivers and barriers for growth
  • Quantitative analysis of market size and forecast growth
  • Analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on market demand


  • Patient monitor market share estimates for the leading vendors for 2020 and 2021
  • Patient monitor market share analysis by sub-region
  • Detailed product matrix for major vendor portfolios


  • Analysis of each core patient monitor product by country
  • Analysis of each core patient monitor product by care setting
  • Assessment of the change in customer demand for critical product features
  • Identification of trends in product development
  • Qualitative assessment of trends such as digitalisation, connectivity and changes in care provision


  • Review go-to-market strategies
  • Analysis and insights to support your strategy and business planning
  • Our opinion on the future direction of the markets
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