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SPI Digital Health: Health Gorilla Takes Next Step in its QHIN Quest

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19th October 2023 – Health Gorilla has revealed the 17 partners participating in its Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN). But does the data-sharing platform have the scale and backing to be a key player in a new era of health data exchange?

Signify Premium Insight: Not NICE! AI’s Evidence Gap

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October 19th 2023 – Although AI has been building momentum over recent years, a report from the UK’s NICE may have tempered the excitement, after it highlighted a lack of evidence for some well-regarded AI solutions. How will vendors respond?

Signify Premium Insight: GE’s New Silk Road Residence

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October 17th 2023 – GE HealthCare will take a leading role in a package of investments into Kazakhstan. The move will help the vendor capitalise on that market, but the greater possibilities are more profound.

SPI Digital Health: Epic’s Sepsis Model ‘Falling Short’ as BoB Vendors Hold Sway

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17th October 2023 – Researchers claim that Epic’s Sepsis Prediction Model is still falling short of expectations. With Best-of-Breed (BoB) vendors in the ascendancy in this corner of the high-acuity CIS market, how can EHR vendors respond?

Enterprise Imaging: What is the Market Opportunity Beyond Radiology?

Cranfield, UK, 16th October 2023 – The concept of an enterprise imaging strategy was coined over a decade ago, however, it’s only in recent years that the expansion beyond “enterprise radiology” has truly begun. The total market for IT across those nine specialities included in Signify Research’s report reached $6.6 billion in 2022; however, only […]