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Signify Premium Insight: The Trends in Medical Imaging AI at SIIM 2022

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21st June 2022 – While SIIM is not one of the biggest medical imaging events on the calendar, its informatics focus means it is influential. As such, the exhibits and discussions at the show offer hints to the burgeoning trends in the medical imaging AI market.

Patient Monitors – Market Demand Defined by Product Flexibility

21st June 2022 – Many hospitals were at breaking point during the pandemic, with healthcare staff pushed to their limits, desperately seeking support to help care for the large influx in patients. Hospital admission was restrictive, with only the most critical patients entering the hospital.

Oracle Cerner’s Plans for a National EHR

21st June 2022 – Earlier this month Oracle closed its $28.3B acquisition of Cerner and shortly after Oracle founder and CTO, Larry Ellison, outlined Oracle’s vision for Healthcare IT post-acquisition. The key elements of this vision are discussed in this free insight.

Signify Premium Insight: Keeping Faith in Mission Command

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17th June 2022 – Several vendors are increasingly promoting their command centre solutions. As well as facilitating better patient care, these solutions could have other, wide-ranging impacts.

How will the Roadmap for Diagnostic Cardiology Devices Develop?

16th June 2022 – Like most healthcare markets, the diagnostic cardiology market has had a bumpy ride in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic saw global revenues for Resting ECG devices increase in 2020, whilst ECG Management Systems, Stress ECG and Traditional Holter ECG solutions saw a market decline.