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Signify Premium Insight: Ultrasound’s Rapid Recovery

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21st September 2021 – In this Premium Insight, co-author of Signify Research’s Ultrasound Equipment – World 2021 report, market analyst Mustafa Hassan. details some of his report’s findings.

Signify Premium Insight: Intelerad Adds Insignia to its List of Acquisitions

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16th September 2021 – Intelerad’s acquisition run continues, as Insignia Medical Systems is bought up by the Canadian vendor. The move will help Intelerad progress in the UK market, but, only if it can overcome the issues of integration.

Signify Premium Insight: DiA Deemed a Worthy Investment in $14m Funding Round

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14th September 2021 – DiA Imaging Analysis recently secured $14m in its latest funding round. This Premium Insight considers what lessons can be learned from this, and other recent ultrasound AI investments.

Signify Premium Insight: ContextVision Weighs Digital Pathology Spin Off

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9th September 2021 – ContextVision has revealed that it is considering spinning off its digital pathology unit. But, will the extra focus and flexibility this affords be worth the loss of synergy between the radiology and digital pathology businesses?

Signify Premium Insight: Nurturing Medical Imaging AI – The Russian Way

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7th September 2021 – Russia’s medical imaging AI market is not as developed as those in some other countries, however, an innovative new project in Moscow could be set to help remedy this situation.