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Signify Premium Insight: Lung Screening for the Long Term

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August 1st 2023 – The UK’s National Health Service has announced plans to implement a national lung screening programme. The potential to positively impact lives with such a programme is significant, but so too are the challenges to execution.

Signify Premium Insight: Piur Imaging’s Ultrasound Upgrade

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27th July 2023 – Austrian Vendor Piur Imaging has received almost Eur5m in Series A funding. The vendor hopes to use the money to grow as it looks to add another dimension to 2D ultrasound.

Signify Premium Insight: Konica Minolta’s Handheld Handshake

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July 26th 2023 – Konica Minolta has thrown its hat into the handheld ultrasound ring. It’s an increasingly competitive category, but does Konica Minolta, which is collaborating with Healcerion, have the ability to stand out?

SPI Digital Health: Shifting Sands in Saudi as Digital Revolution Takes Root

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25th July 2023 – Saudi Arabia’s Health Sector Transformation Program (HSTP) is generating huge opportunities for IT vendors. But what is the best approach for international vendors to succeed in this fast-evolving market?

SPI Digital Health: €1.1B Italian Digital Health Opportunity: A Tale of Two Tenders

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27th July 2023 – Another €1.1B in new tenders are being issued in Italy which will further invigorate the country’s health IT market. But will separate bidding processes for EMR, imaging and telehealth mean any real change to the vendor competitive landscape?