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Funding Analysis of Companies Developing Machine Learning Solutions for Medical Imaging

There are over 70 start-up companies developing artificial intelligence solutions for medical imaging. Combined, these companies have raised over $300 million in funding.

Are the Good Times Over for Compact Ultrasound?

Our take on why the growth rate for the compact ultrasound market is slowing down

Cybersecurity: A Time Bomb for European Radiology

Five months on from the crippling impact of the WannaCry cyberattack that affected one-fifth of U.K. hospitals and many other health providers across Europe, let’s revisit the crucial topic of cybersecurity.

VNA Market Growth Will Be Fuelled by Enterprise Imaging

We dig into the impact of Enterprise Imaging adoption is having on future demand for VNA, and the wider repercussions for clinical content management.

Diversification in the Global X-ray Market

In light of a nearly-saturated digital radiography market and declining product prices; what are manufacturers doing to maintain their margins? Diversification is the key to challenge commoditisation.