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Are EMR-based Oncology Modules Threatening Best-of-Breed Oncology IT?

18th February 2021 – With several EMR vendors now marketing their own Oncology-specific modules, healthcare providers will be deciding between best-of-breed and EMR-based offerings; so how this will affect the existing Oncology Information System (OIS) market, and how will incumbent vendors respond to the challenge?

Signify Premium Insight: Great Expectations – The Issue for Nanox

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16th February 2021 – Since going public, medical imaging start-up Nanox has seen the price of its shares tumultuously rise and fall as various pieces of information and allegations have come to light. This insight asks whether Nanox really is about to revolutionise medical imaging, or whether perhaps expectations need to be revised.

Signify Premium Insight: Volpara Acquires CRA Health in $22m Deal

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11th February 2021 – Breast health company Volpara has revealed it has acquired breast cancer risk assessment company, CRA Health in a deal worth $22m. In this Insight, we explore the motivations and potential impacts of the deal.

Signify Premium Insight: COVID-19’s Impact on the Imaging IT Market

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9th February 2021 – The imaging IT market has not been immune to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This insight explains how the market has been affected, as well as how vendors can best react to the changing conditions.

Signify Premium Insight: Visage Maintains its Momentum with $40m Deal

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February 4th 2021 – In the latest of a spate of high-profile deals, Visage Imaging has signed a $40m contract with Intermountain Healthcare. This insight assesses what the new cloud deployment means and what its potential impact could be.