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SPI Digital Health: Generative AI Narrative Goes up Another Gear

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27th June 2023 – A series of recent announcements ratchet up the narrative around generative AI and the growing influence of large language models to support diverse processes across the healthcare spectrum.

Signify Premium Insight: A Pause for Thought at SIIM23 for Enterprise Imaging Vendors

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June 27th 2023 – SIIM is a smaller and more focused event than most other medical imaging shows. That means there are fewer high-profile announcements and stellar product launches, but, it also means there is more opportunity for deeper consideration and pragmatic planning. With Generative AI, Digital Pathology and Enterprise Imaging all on the table, SIIM23 was true to form.

Technology Vendors Role in Propelling Cloud Adoption in Medical Imaging

Cloud adoption remains inevitable, with Signify Research’s latest market data, published in May 2023, forecasting that cloud adoption (including hybrid and fully hosted) will represent 43% of the global radiology IT market revenue in 2027, compared to 25% in 2022.

Signify Premium Insight: Google’s Generative AI and the Problems with Predictions

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June 22nd 2023 – Google, like several other vendors, is making bold claims about the potential of its generative AI technology. Such claims will be put to the test in a strengthening partnership with Mayo Clinic, but, is the vendor at risk of jumping the gun?

Key Trends at EuroAnaesthesia 2023

Cranfield, UK, 22nd June 2023 – Earlier in June, the EuroAnaesthesia annual congress was held in the sunny delights of Glasgow. Signify Research’s Clinical Care Analyst Kelly Patrick attended the show and has provided her take on the major topics and themes discussed whilst there.