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Signify Premium Insight: Philips and Chison Harbour Designs on the Chinese Ultrasound Market

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June 13th 2023 – The Chinese market holds immense promise to vendors but negotiating its intricacies can prove difficult. Philips hopes its partnership with Chinese ultrasound vendor Chison will help it to make the most of new opportunities in the country, and enable it to navigate the market’s nuance.

SPI Digital Health: Oracle Cerner Flexes its Muscles With Ontario eHub HIE

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13th June 2023 – The launch of Oracle Cerner’s eHub Health Information Exchange (HIE) in 21 Ontario hospitals continues the vendor’s run of good form in Canada. But is this the beginnings of a true province-wide HIE?

What VBC Buyers Need from Patient Engagement IT

Over the last decade, the healthcare landscape has been undergoing a significant transformation, with an increasing focus on Value-Based Care (VBC).

SPI Digital Health: Telcos’ Long Search for Healthcare Success Blueprint Continues

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8th June 2023 – As telecoms operators continue searching for the blueprint of success in healthcare, are recent moves by BT, Vodafone and KPN in Europe the way forward?

Signify Premium Insight: The Sun is Out – IT Vendors Must Make Hay

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June 8th 2023 – Signify Research’s recently released Imaging IT core report reveals a market offering a rare opportunity, with vendors offered a rare chance to shake-up the established order. In this Premium Insight, the report’s authors explain how this opportunity could be leveraged.