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SPI Premium Insight: CLEW Accelerates into TeleICU, Ready to Challenge Status Quo

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14th February 2023 – With the first FDA-cleared Virtual ICU and a new financing approach for customers, Israeli AI analytics platform developer CLEW is ready to disrupt the teleICU market status quo in the US.

AI ISVs Partner to Deliver Value Beyond Radiology

13th February 2023 – Over 200 vendors compete for a share of the medical imaging AI market. However, despite this number, the overwhelming majority focus on many of the same use cases. Radiologists have also become increasingly maore familiar with the benefits that AI can deliver and are more discerning about what they look for in AI solutions.

Priority for Digital Infusion Solutions Accelerated post COVID-19

13th February 2023 – The infusion pump market has gone through a period of accelerated product development in recent years, with the COVID-19 pandemic injecting the much-needed momentum to spur interest in clinically advanced solutions. Here we dive deeper into the trends that are developing within the market and will be affecting future product dynamics.

Signify Premium Insight: Imaging Out in the Cold in ConcertAI Partnership

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February 9th 2023 – Caris and ConcertAI have formed a partnership which hopes to combine the two vendors vast data sets and particular specialities to support the development of new drugs and therapies. However, given ConcertAI’s connection to TeraRecon, have the pair missed an opportunity in imaging?

Signify Premium Insight: Respite for Oracle Cerner with $365M Nova Scotia EHR Deal

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9th February 2023 – Oracle Cerner’s recent $365M EHR in Nova Scotia is welcome news. But recent history in Canada suggests that replacing legacy province-wide connected care systems with second generation EHRs can be a minefield.