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Signify Premium Insight: Cleerly Scoops Millions for its Heart Health Solution

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8th July, 2021 – Heart health analysis vendor Cleerly has secured $43m in series B funding, but will taking on the world’s number one cause of death be enough to ensure success?

Signify Premium Insight: Getting to the Heart of DiA and Circle’s Partnership

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6th July, 2021 – AI developers are trying to find ways ways to add value to their core technology. This Insight explores whether Circle CVI and DiA have struck on a winning solution.

Signify Premium Insight: NHS Awards and the Route to AI Adoption

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1st July, 2021 – Last month, the winners of the second tranche of the NHS AI Lab’s AI award were revealed. The winners of this funding will enjoy a substantial boost, but will it be enough to drive their adoption in the UK?

Signify Premium Insight: Tumour Boards and the Burden of Proof

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29th June 2021 – Specialist tumour board software may hold great potential to make cancer care more efficient and give patients better outcomes, but, will providers be willing to pay for it?

Teleradiology Read Volumes Drop 22% in 2020, But Rapid Bounce Back Already Well Underway

29th June 2021 – When will demand for teleradiology services return to pre-pandemic levels and what will drive the bounce back? Here we explore six key drivers that will reverse the trend seen in 2020.