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Signify Premium Insight: Confident Where Competent: Fourth Quarter Vendor Sentiment Analysis

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20th December 2022 – There are a number of headwinds facing medical imaging AI vendors at present, but many of these vendors are ready for the challenge. This quarter’s Vendor Sentiment Index explains why.

Signify Premium Insight: athenahealth Floats Flotation Idea, Again

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20th December 2022 – Roughly four years after being delisted from the stock market, athenahealth is reportedly once again looking at an IPO. But it faces a number of challenges which could influence the timing of any return to market.

Signify Premium Insight: Clock already ticking for Oracle Cerner on

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16th December 2022 – Software multinational SAP’s recent announcement that it would cease supporting Oracle Cerner’s EHR solution by 2030 requires a swift and decisive response from Oracle Cerner.

Signify Premium Insight: Re-born in the USA

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15th December 2022 – As a result of difficult conditions in its domestic market, and a constant ambition to compete with its larger rivals, Canon is redoubling its efforts in the US with a new subsidiary. But, will it be able to fulfill its American dream?

Signify Premium Insight: The Medical Imaging Modality Trends on Display at RSNA 2022

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13th December 2022 – RSNA could have been a subdued show for modality vendors, but aided by their focus on problems plaguing providers, they were able to deliver a lot of value to attendees.