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Signify Premium Insight: GE’s Ultrasound AI Acquisition

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February 16th, 2023 – GE HealthCare has continued to make acquisitions as an independent company, this time bagging ultrasound guidance AI vendor Caption Health. The move will bolster GE’s handheld offering, but are there also grander plans afoot?

SPI Premium Insight: Doctolib’s €92M Mission to Disrupt

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16th February 2023 – French health IT company Doctolib’s €92M investment plan for 2023 is another bold statement from a company that is already a household name in its home country. But will the plan enable it to challenge on new market fronts?

High-Acuity CIS Battle Ground: Best-of-Breed vs. EHR

15th February 2023 – The High-Acuity CIS market is evolving and competition amongst both Best-of-Breed and EHR vendors is intensifying. Here we dive deeper into the trends that are developing within the market.

Signify Premium Insight: Fujifilm’s Roadmap to Reality

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February 14th 2023 – Through its acquisition of Hitachi’s imaging business, along with other strategic moves such as its play for Inspirata, Fujifilm is assembling the elements it will need to launch an assault on its bigger rivals. It may be better able to compete, but, can it now win out?

SPI Premium Insight: CLEW Accelerates into TeleICU, Ready to Challenge Status Quo

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14th February 2023 – With the first FDA-cleared Virtual ICU and a new financing approach for customers, Israeli AI analytics platform developer CLEW is ready to disrupt the teleICU market status quo in the US.