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Use Cases for Machine Learning in X-Ray

Several companies have announced machine learning tools for use in GenRad applications. These range from CAD systems to help radiologists perform automated screening of chest x-rays, to bone suppression software that aids anomaly identification. But will HC providers see a need for them and are they prepared to pay for them?

Initial Q1 2017 PHM Market Indicators

In our recently published North American PHM market report, uncertainly around the impact of potential changes to the ACA was forecast to have some short-term negative impacts on growth. What does Q1 2017 vendor performance tell us so far?

TeraRecon Acquires Machine Learning Platform Developer McCoy Medical

TeraRecon has announced their acquisition of a majority share in McCoy Medical Technologies; here is our analysis of likely outcomes and what it could mean for imaging IT.

North American PHM Market Worth $8B in 2021

The North American Population Health Management (PHM) market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16.6% from $3.7B in 2016 to $8.0B in 2021. Read our analysis of the drivers to growth.

Partnerships are King for Machine Learning in Radiology

Medical image analysis companies are forging strategic partnerships with health providers to collaborate on machine learning projects. However, more partnerships are needed to accelerate the uptake of machine learning in radiology. Our analysis of the current state of play and who is partnering with who.