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Signify Premium Insight: Tempus’ Arterys Acquisition and AI’s Turning Tide

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8th November 2022 – In one of medical imaging AI’s largest acquisitions to date, Tempus has acquired medical imaging AI vendor Arterys. The move will bolster Tempus’ AI offerings, but what does it mean for Arterys’ own ambitions?

Imaging IT Market Poised to Weather Economic Storm

Investment in imaging IT is ramping up in mature markets, with North America amidst a replacement cycle for core radiology IT deals and significant public investment across Western Europe expected in the short-term. However, converting demand to final contracts is not straightforward, due to the bureaucratic hurdles associated to distribution of public funding.

Signify Premium Insight: GE Finally Comes to the RPM Party

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4th November 2022 – A partnership agreement between GE Healthcare and RPM vendor AMC Health is the latest signal that the healthtech giant has finally come to the RPM party. The partnership also demonstrates how GE is taking a pragmatic approach to growth in an extremely fragmented RPM market. 

Signify Premium Insight: What to Expect at RSNA 2022 – Imaging IT and AI

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3rd November 2022 – The annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America is now just weeks away. Here are the key trends we expect medical imaging IT and AI vendors to highlight at the upcoming event

Teleradiology Market Primed to Hit $3.7Bn by 2026 – What’s Driving the Surge in Demand?

4.7bn diagnostic imaging procedures were performed globally in 2021, representing a strong recovery over 2020. Healthy demand for teleradiology services resulted in the global penetration of teleradiology reads into diagnostic imaging procedures bouncing back to 1.9%, and the overall teleradiology reading services and IT market revenue elevating past its pre-pandemic level to USD $1.7bn.