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RSNA Imaging IT: Innovation Under The Surface

The role and reach of radiology imaging informatics is changing as evidenced at the RSNA 2016 show, albeit under the surface. Here are our key takeaways are what they mean for the CCM market.

RSNA: Deep Learning Takes Centre Stage, but Beware the Hype

Artificial Intelligence was one of the key themes at this year’s RSNA; at least 20 companies displayed products featuring AI tech & some used AI as a key part of their marketing messages.

RSNA Ultrasound: Premium Market Heats Up

Ultrasound tech has continued to evolve & be used in new clinical settings; the latest advances were on show at RSNA 2016 show, including a raft of new premium flagship systems.

Advanced visualisation: Why so many viewers?

Advanced Visualisation; Steve Holloway’s AuntMinnieEurope column explores why there has been a sudden expansion in viewing software and how imaging IT visualisation is changing.

Defining the Opportunity: Machine Learning in Radiology

We define current applications of machine learning in radiology and point to how the technology will be applied in four distinct areas.