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Signify Premium Insight: Teleradiology’s Return

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15th June, 2021 – In this Premium Insight co-author of Signify Research’s Teleradiology – World – 2021 report, Arun Gill details some of the key trends revealed by his research.

Signify Premium Insight: CompuGroup Medical Picks Up VISUS Health IT

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10th June, 2021 – CompuGroup Medical has acquired VISUS Health IT and the imaging IT capability that it brings. With the Hospital Future Act looming large in Germany, this Insight assesses whether CompuGroup has put itself in a strong position to benefit from the associated funding.

Analytics and AI in Clinical Care – The New Vendors on The Block

09th June 2021 – In this insight we explore the recently assessed use of analytics and AI-based applications in the high acuity and perinatal care segments, providing both a quantitative assessment on market size, and a review of the core vendors active within the space.

Signify Premium Insight: Opportunistic Screening – An Avenue For AI

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8th June, 2021 – Although many different conditions can be identified from the same medical image, they rarely are. AI may be able to help, allowing opportunistic screening for a wide range of conditions to be carried out while patients undergo imaging for completely different reasons.

Signify Premium Insight: Being Pharmed Out – AI’s Use In Companion Diagnostics

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4th June, 2021 – In most scenarios, medical imaging AI is harnessed by providers who use it to assist in patient diagnosis. However, pharmaceutical companies might also provide a valuable revenue stream.