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AI at ECR – Key Takeaways

12th March, 2018 – Our take on the main trends from the medical imaging AI solutions on show at ECR 2018.

Imaging IT Vendors Target Growing Radiology Operational Workflow Market

Big modality releases and AI were centre stage at ECR 2018. For imaging IT though, the latest developments were less obvious and clearly targeting a growing market: radiology operational workflow. Here’s our take.

The Breakup in Advanced Visualisation

Healthcare IT is becoming increasingly complex. In order to keep up with current and future requirements, Advanced Visualisation vendors are organising themselves into two different categories, each specialising to try and stay ahead of competition.

Ultrasound at ECR 2018: Vendors Focus on Workflow Efficiency Rather Than Clinical Innovation

Our take on the ultrasound product announcements at ECR 2018 and their likely impact on the market.

Virtual Reality Becoming Reality?

Recent developments have given new life and attention to virtual reality, enabling it to spread to other industries. But how hard will the move into healthcare be?